How long is too long for a toddlers cough?

My LO had a cold over a month ago that lasted 2 weeks. She only had a runny nose and cough. She was then fine for 5 days then caught another cold and the past 3 weeks has a runny nose and cough. She has no fever, she’s eating and drinking and her normal happy self. My issue is the cough. It’s not ongoing, chesty or causing vomiting. It’s more a niggling cough that sounds phlegmy. In total she’s coughed everyday for over a month. I find it worsens when I take her outside and calms down after a couple days when I keep her indoors. Is this concerning or do coughs just linger after colds?
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Honestly my daughter has the same thing, but she was vomiting a lot, and after a lot of back and forth with the doctors and pushing to get seen by the hospital, we got told she’ll likely grow out of it but the NHS website says a cough over 3 weeks is a concern to check up. I would go to the doctors and ask about it, yours may be better than mine have been x

She might have a hay-fever type allergy if it worsens outside? But we have 6 kids and there's been constant coughing in our house since before Christmas, it's relentless 🤦‍♀️

I’ve taken my boy to have coughs checked out a few times. Sound like it’s very similar to your daughter. GP said a viral cough can take 6-8 weeks to clear x

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