Refusing to side lay

My 3 month old lately has not wanted to turn to his side when I breastfeed from my right side he instantly starts to cry and get upset. He arches his back until he is lying on his back and then will feed. He also seems to not like sitting up when we hold him in the crook of our arm he seems to instantly get upset as we’ll never used to but all of a sudden has just started to burst into tears when he’s put in a sitting position. Not sure if this is something I should bring up at our next appt
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I have similar situations (different scenarios) but im just so annoyed with the doctors always saying things are normal. In my LO scenario i think it's gerd and I also think she needs a pediatric chiropractor to check.

I hear about a lot of babies not being aligned and after pediatric chiropractor these kind of issues go away.

@Danielle ditto when I told our doc that I think he might have reflux from him choking so much all she said was it’ll pass. Definitely want to look into chiropractor as well

The same thing happened with my SIL when she was a baby. My MIL took her to a pediatric chiropractor and it fixed it! Definitely worth a try

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