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I’ve been wanting to do a C-section because when I was at my 20 weeks, they told me the baby was kind of big. Now I’m at 36 weeks but every time I ask about a C-section all my doctors turned me down and say that I shouldn’t get one because I don’t have a medical reason to. Don’t I have the right to choose? I’m gonna try to fight this at my next appointment.
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You do definitely have the right to choose

I can’t comment for USA, but in UK it is your right to ask for a c-section and it’s becoming a more and more popular choice. Keep pushing it’s your body and baby not theirs!

You definitely have the right! Also double check with your insurance if they cover elective c-sections!

I don’t know about the USA. But if it’s what you want and you feel confident and comfortable in the decision then you should absolutely make the choice best for you.

Is this your first pregnancy? I know some doctors don’t like doing them the first pregnancy if there medically isn’t a reason to.

Have they done a growth scan recently? 20 week scans versus a 36 week scan are very different. Mine has stayed consistently at 90th percentile and they haven’t suggested a c section. My doctor said I can request it but she does advise against it unless I go over 40 weeks or have an unsuccessful labor.

@Nicole my next scan will be April 22nd so I’ll know then.

@Katelyn yes, my first.

you have every right to chose but my midwives say baby kinda big isn’t really a problem unless you have a very small unwilling pelvis.

I had a c section my first pregnancy do to having high blood pressure and my daughters heart rate dropping during an induction using the pill they put in your cervix I think (forgot what its called) and it was honestly a tough recovery and in my opinion was scary after watching videos and everything especially because it takes a full year to completely heal and my second pregnancy i decided to try to do a vbac because If i had another c section I would’ve gotten my tubes tied because after two its risky and thankfully even though the induction was a long process when i was finally able to attempt to push him out and it being successful with only three small tears (didn’t feel it) it was the best feeling ever being able to experience it although its painful its 100% worth it and wish i had the chance to do it my first pregnancy but i was lucky enough to experience it both ways (2nd pregnancy baby was 8.5lbs)

Doctors generally don’t like to do c sections because of the complications so they rather leave it for last resort type of option, however, it is your right to choose. If a c section is what you want, you will need to find a provider who does them!

Hi Mama! Just a little insight from a c-section FTM. If you don’t have a medical reason, I would so allow your body to give birth naturally. C-section recovery is not easy and it’s very hard to care for your newborn after.

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