Has anyone gave birth alone?

Sorry long post. Background - we currently have 2 children and due our 3rd any day now. I am now starting to panic about who is going to be at home with our children whilst I’m in labour. During the day is fine however if labour goes into the night we don’t have anyone to have our children as my family are not close and to be honest I wouldn’t feel comfortable with them looking after our youngest over night as they do not know her routine etc and have not ‘looked’ after young children/babies in over 10yrs. My partners family are close but they work full time so would be unfair to expect them to drop work to look after the kids over night into the next day. Iv said to my partner that if labour goes into the night he needs to come home and be with the kids and I will stay in hospital. So wondering if anyone else has gone through something similar and chosen to do it alone? how was it being on your own? me and my partner are super close so i know it will be hard for both of us but i need to put our children first. im also starting to regret not opting for an elective c section. i feel like if we had gone down that route it would have been alot easier with managing our children and where they would be, while yes recovery would have been harder. Im 39weeks tomorrow so at the end stage, probably too late to change any labour plans and request section 😭
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Hey, i dont know if my post is still up but i recently explained something similiar. Im 39 weeks on saturday and im gonna be giving birth on my own:( second baby but im so flipping scared! Unfortunately my little boy has autism, so my fiancés going to stay at home with him so he doesn’t get confused and have meltdowns anywhere else. Its important for us to keep routine as he will know something is wrong if we both aren’t there. However, we have nobody to look after him either way! We have no family between us to help (He unfortunately had to cut ties with his and mine have never supported me or helped) its pretty much been me my fiancé and our son for the last two and a half years. And then before our first baby it was just me and him for 3 years. Sorry i cant be much help, just wanted to stop and say you are not alone xx

Would you ask a neighbor?

Similar situation, I'll be doing it alone if I go into labour outside of nursery hours basically, we don't leave my daughter with anyone else and I'm not about to start now. I've known this since before we conceived so have had plenty of time to adjust my mindset and am now interested to see how that goes. Sorry no advice, but here in solidarity.

Are you able to have a close friend or family member be with you at the birth instead? So you don't feel alone and then they can communicate to your partner how things are going?

My husband Wks away a lot and not contactable so I’ve come to terms and embraced going it alone. We can smash this! And don’t worry about things going wrong they may all go perfectly fine 🤞. I also don’t think it’s to late to ask for a c-section if that’s what you want talk to your Eid wife there for support too!

Can you opt for a homebirth? X

Thank you everyone for your comments. It’s given me a lot of support knowing there are others out there in similar situation. Wish we could all be there for each other ❣️ @Kat I only speak to one neighbour and that is just saying hi 😂 so don’t think they would want to be birthing partner and definitely wouldn’t trust them to look after my children. @Amy I don’t really have any close friends. I’m a bit of a social hermit 😢 the few friends I do have again all work full time. My mum would jump at the chance to be at the birth but she has got a lot of health issues at the moment and constantly in and out of hospital appointments. Also lives over 2hrs away so if things happened quick she wouldn’t get there in time. My step mum offered but my mum is one of those people that would go MAD if it wasn’t either my husband or her at the birth/looking after the kids (a lot of jealousy in my family unfortunately).

@Gemma I am unable to have a home birth 😔 due to health issues myself (heart condition) I have to be in a hospital which has an a&e department and theatres (not sure why a&e department but that’s what I was told) plus I think I would traumatise my eldest if I gave birth at home 😂

I thought it would be too late for me too, but I opted for a c-section last minute at 38 weeks and they have booked me in at 39+6, if this is an option you want get in touch with your midwife asap as they will have to move quickly to get this booked in for you in time

lol i completely understand I dont talk to my neighbors like that either ,

@Erin Hiya, im 39 weeks on Saturday, do you think it would be too late for me to request this now? (Second baby). Only problem is i dont have a community midwife anymore like i haven’t had a midwife appointment for nearly 11 weeks now. Tried to sort this problem but getting nowhere. Just wandered if there was another way i could request a c section? X

@𝐉𝐮𝐥𝐢𝐚𝐚 I’m afraid I don’t know what your pathway would be, but I would ring your hospital directly, is there a triage number or maternity helpline you could call? They should definitely be monitoring you towards the end of your pregnancy x

@Erin Ive discussed with my partner what our options are regarding monitoring and stuff and we’ve agreed that im going to ring triage before my due date next week on his day off work. Ive had no monitoring at all it’s honestly ridiculous and stressing me out somet different x

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