Colostrum Syringe Lids?

I've finally had some success with colostrum after so much frustration. I've put it in a freezer bag, dated and rolled so it can have others added but: Should the syringes have lids? None of the syringes I've been given from the midwife or hospital do but I've seen pictures others have posted that do 🤔
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I think they should have lids to keep them sterile

In Leeds they don't give out syringes with lids after someone accidentally gave their newborn colostrum and forgot to take the lid off and the lid went down the baby's throat. The ones I've bought still come with lids but I know the midwives here are not allowed to give out any with lids and it's fine to store them without as long as they go straight into a freezer bag and frozen.

@Alicia oh that's so good to hear! I've been googling and searching like mad and worrying myself that they would be wasted if the hospital said they couldn't take them 🙈

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