Feeding struggles

So my little boy is a nightmare with eating. He will happily eat his baby crisps or biscuits himself without any issue. However, if I give him any sore of finger food other than crisps he will just throw on the floor - fruits, veggies, sandwiches pasta etc. The only way I can get him to eat is distract him with a plethora of toys that he plays with for 2 secs while I shove a spoonful of food in before he throws his toy on the floor. If he’s not distracted he will turn his head and keep his mouth closed. I just don’t understand what the behaviour is!? It’s driving me insane! I try to not react and stay calm but it’s so frustrating as I want him to be a good eater! I’m finding I’m holding back on letting him feed himself as I can’t bare the mess I know he will just throw on the floor!! He’s also the same with his water cup. He had a few sips and throws on the floor finding it funny Is anyone else going through this or have any tips? I feel he’s really behind developmentally !????
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Following !!! Mines the exact same

Mine is the exact same except I can get him to eat pureed pouches, anything he has to chew and he spits it out or throws it (or feeds to the dog lol) x x

Mines the same. Give him a bottle of milk he will have multiples during the day ( trying to cut this) or snacky foods.

Let him feed himself. The throwing food to the floor is a phase. Mine does it too, but the more I let her do it and don’t react the less she does it.

@Someone’s Mom but the phase has been going on for months! 😭😭

I know, same here. It’s a pain in the ass, but it’ll pass.

I’m sorry if this sounds patronising but have you tried not giving him any baby biscuits or crisps and just focusing on real food? Babies develop preference for sweet and salty early on and giving snacks can get in the way of eating real food.

@Kristine I don’t give him this everyday at all. My boy has a healthy balanced diet and I am very conscious of salt and sugar intake. My point was that he can happily feed himself these items when he does have a treat (albeit a bland baby crisp and not adult salty crisps) and doesn’t seem to throw them on the floor…

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