Going out for iftar

Me and hubby want to go out for iftar but we have a 7 month old. Her bedtime is between 7:30-8:30 and for us, fast opens around 7:45ish. Should we risk it and take her with us? Dont know what to do.
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My husband and I take the baby and she just sleeps in her stroller or I take her in her pjs and just transfer her to bed once we get home

We tried a couple of months ago when she four months and she didn’t sleep at all until 11pm she is such a light sleeper she got back to her sleeping time next night but she was fussy all day .. we declined an iftar invitation couldn’t be bother especially we don’t have a car .. I would say go for it

Let her have a nap a bit later than usual, she will manage insha Allah x

I would suggest you take your stroller along, so when she starts to feel sleepy, you put her in there

I would say go for it.. every little moment is a memory. Plus, it'll be harder to go for iftar when she's a bit older, at least she can now sleep in the stroller.

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