Traditional weaning

Anyone else do traditional weaning rather than blw? My LG is on purée but will eat the 12 month pouches etc Im trying to get her to eat more finger food but she just chucks it on the floor. Especially fruit etc. What do I do? I feel like I’m wasting so much food and I feel like she’s behind compared to other babies
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Hi! I am doing the traditional weaning but started introducing finger foods too.. I tried banana pancakes sliced up in strips and she loved it! My baby throws things on the floor too! I feel my baby is behind but don’t worry they are getting enough food and milk whether it is formula or breastmilk - this is still their main source of nutrition. Don’t worry they are learning and remember - foods before one are for fun 😉 good luck!! X

We're doing the same hun and my little girl is 11 months. She has the most sensitive gag reflex so finger foods have been quite challenging. She always does well with the melty sticks and melty puffs. She will sometimes even gag on the 12+ month pouches! 🤦🏼‍♀️ Although the past couple of days, I've tried to be brave and she amazed me! With a bit of help, she loved trying fresh raspberries, Strawberries and blueberries yesterday! Then at tea time, I cooked up some carrot sticks so they were really really soft and let them cool. She happily munched about 3 of them without any gagging! I know how you feel because I've been exactly the same and worried that she's behind and not doing so well but realistically, they all do it in their own time and I think going at their pace is better than forcing the situation and putting them off too! Like Zareena said, your LG will be getting what she needs either way. In fact, I quite like using pouches sometimes because at least I know that she is actually eating them! X

Yes I am not fan of blw I make sure there is so texture in her food now but I spoon feed pureed/mashed food. Baby not eating finger food at this age is not being behind, dont worry at all. There is no need to push finger food if thats not what u and your baby want x

Thanks everyone! It’s so hard trying not to compare!

I totally understand Incognito. I think we all do time to time. I am sure youre doing your best and you baby is thriving ❤️ thats all what matters

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