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So I thought I would start potty training my little one as she’s turned 2 last month. I got her a toilet seat and took her to pick her own underwear. Today was the first day and after having a few accidents i realised she wasn’t peeing in the toilet. I sat her for around 5 mins and as soon as she was off she would pee on the floor. Then she started crying and wouldn’t sit on the toilet and just wanted to hug me. She definitely wasn’t herself all day and just seemed scared. So I’m thinking of leaving it and trying again in summer. Anyone else been through this? X
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Don't feel rushed. I have a potty for my little boy he has peed on it a dozen times in the last 3 months. It is just there as an introduction. He wants to use it when I go pee or his dad. He has been asking more often in the last week and actually peeing. I think he is starting to recognise the urge to pee. I am not pressuring him or our family and will have a proper go at potty training when the warm weather hits and I am home on summer break to really support him (I am a teacher)

Just to share mine is gonna be three in June and she’s not potty trained yet, I don’t feel rushed either they will get there and if they get scared it only takes longer. She is totally capable because she has used the potty for both toilet needs - couple times at the beginning and it wasn’t a big deal for her but then she got a bit overwhelmed because I praised her too much (I know, I was so annoyed at myself lol) so I’m just waiting for her to be a bit more chill about it before I introduce it again. I agree summer will be much easier, dunno if yours is at nursery but mine is in the older nursery group now and seen seen her peers do it for about 6 months which helps us talk about it more casually

I think a potty is 100% less intimidating plus you can have it on the kitchen floor surrounded by her books and stuff. We are on day 6 and he’s smashed it, he’s 25 months. The fact she’s holding it when she’s on the loo then letting go is a good sign but she deffo doesn’t like the toilet. We got a potty from aldi the other day with Cars on it and he LOVES it! X

Also the number one tip I learnt is that you have to be ON IT.. you can’t be half arsed about it, you’re either doing it or you’re not! The minute you drop the ball she’s going to pee 😂😂😂

My sons 4 in July and we’ve been going through potty training for about a month now (he’s not fully there but very close) we tried before but he wasn’t interested so we just waited till he showed interest in potty or the toilet then one day at nursery he took his self off to the toilet and sat and did a wee on it that’s when we retried xx

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