I love being a mom. But I hate asking to take a shower. I hate changing diapers alone. I hate not having to give second thought to leaving the house and doing simple errands. I hate feeling like I have to do everything around the house simply because I’m a SAHM. I hate that I’m complaining but I’ve been burnt out. My daughter feels it too she’s been more sensitive since I’ve been feeling this burnt out exhaustion. I don’t enjoy anything anymore. I just want to be myself again and feel pretty again. Sorry for the rant I’m just exhausted.
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I feel like I wrote this! I just gave birth recently so everything is still brand new but I feel like I’m doing everything and I’m just so exhausted. I love my baby so much but it does become overwhelming sometimes

Same here! I feel guilty asking for help because he works and I stay home but I ended up blowing up on him just a couple of days ago over something so small but I was just exhausted and burnt out. He ended up taking the day off the next day and took care of everything which I really appreciate but I hate that it took me to blow up first. I love my baby so much as well but we get overwhelmed too. Being in a house all day can really get to you.

Damn we all living the same life 😩 I’m 7 months post partum and still feel this way

Can maybe hire help once a week to give u a break?

Same here. I have two kids and my husband works overnights and sleeps in the days. Feel lonely so much and I'm so overwhelmed and ready for a long break.

Big big bear hugs 💜

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