If money and jobs did not matter, I’m curious to know what age would you send your kid to nursery?

And why x
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Also for how long? Just in an ideal situation what would you do

I would do what I had which was one day a week when I was 3 turning 4 and the same for 4 turning 5. Bearing in mind I’m in Australia and started school at 5 turning 6. We had other social activities like playgroup on other days.

My daughter went at 12 months but I would have much rather waited till she was at least 18 months. I would do a few days a week. I found that my daughter started using more words and will seek out kids to play with when we go to the park. I feel like it’s good for their development in all areas.

Maybe now (she's 13 months old) so she can socialize with other ones her age but only if it's a very reputable daycare center.

My kids are 7 1/2 and 2 1/2...neither have been in a nursery. If money wasn't a factor I would've sent my daughter around 2 and my son would be there now. I would probably send them 2-3 days a week for half a day, just to get that social interaction.

3yo because at this stage you can already explain to them what day care or kindy is etc... if they are smaller it's harder on them. So if it didn't matter for having to go back to work I would stay home until 3yo. But I had to go back at 1yo. And it was hard having to shuffle everything. Also the sicknesses they go through. Much more mature immune system at 3yo. And me sick all the time and having to work being sick etc.. shit show. I would love to stay at home longer 😄

I would do like 3 days a week, part-time. Just to make sure they are getting the social interactions they need, the specific learning that they need for their age group, and for the free play with friends. I would put them in now, almost 4yo and almost 2yo. For how long? Well, that depends on the job. I would go back into Vet Med. I loved it but was screwed over several times. But since money isn't a factor, I would just see pets and call it a day and be fine with it.

My daughter went at 1 for just 1 day a week and then increased to 2 when she was 2, this Is how I would have done it I'm any situation as I wanted her to have the social setting and also the time away from me so it wasn't do hard on her when she started school. The nursery also had the facilities to teach her more than I could have

We sent my daughter to preschool age 2 for two mornings a week. Mainly to help her communication and social skills however she started school pre verbal. Plus her brother is autistic and was out of school at the time so I couldn’t take her to playgroups ect. She was also very clingy so it did help having that break.

I would say 18 months but maybe 2/3 days a week for socialising. Purely because I see children coming into nursery at 3/4 and they really struggle when they haven’t socialised regularly without primary caregiver. They do adapt but it’s much harder for them and a long slog for parents and staff up until about Christmas time. But also I think it entirely depends on circumstances. We have no family around so they are all strangers when they visit and don’t hold him or cuddle as he just wants mum and dad. Family who visit regularly and take them for over night stays young are more likely to settle quicker ( generally speaking)

I think two days a week in nursery is nice but I wish I had more 121 time with my little one personally. As it stands she has her other weekdays with grandparents and dad due to salary differences. I wish we could afford a bit of help at home so we could just enjoy being together.

I don't work, my 9 month old goes to nursery twice a week. And my other has been going to nursery since the same age. She's now nearly 3. X

I stay at home. But will likely send my two youngest at 3 for a couple days a week. I feel like when they are little if you can keep them home, it’s a blessing.

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