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Just came to this group and wanted to know if anyone wants to play games and talk on discord? Steam: AshManga13 Discord: AshManga
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I’m down to play! My discord is kittenzfoodz

I’d love to play with you, but my baby is 3 weeks old. so it would be more of a couple days a week kind of thing or whenever she lets me play 😂😂😂😂 my discord: Meaniepanini.

What kind of games do you guys play?

I honestly play so many games I can’t keep track but my favorite is baulders gate. But open to getting more ofc!

@Ashley oh trust me I completely understand

@Ashtyn I might have to see what games work on my computer because some of them are really slow for some reason but id love to play!

@Keona mine are really slow too since I live out in the country but like I said I’m open

Hello!! Mine is: rainingmiik

Mine is: erisnikki

Discord: sleepingxdragon Steam: ♛ Dragon ♛


Discord: zoey_cathleen

I’m so down to play games and talk on discord my discord is sugarbagel710

Sounds so fun ! Discord is glutenfree5642

So much, yes! Discord: loch.ness.munster

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