How many clothes to buy before baby arrives?

I’ve got 10 baby grows 10 vests 10x socks And 3 actual outfits all in 0-3 months Do I buy any more or wait until he’s here to see his size?
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I’d recommend a cardigan & hat , honestly I bought wayyyy too much and my girl hardly wore any of it ! They grow so quickly xx

@Sophie he’s due in July I’m struggling as I don’t know how hot it will be etc 🙄 stressed lol x

My baby was born first week of August and then there was a heatwave and he was in vests as I was terrified of him overheating. I think you have a good number to start off with (perhaps too many socks if your grows are footed). You can then not only see his size but decide what you need depending on weather too. Too hot and you can buy romper grows instead of sleepsuits. I would also second a cardi. Lightweight blanket. Also, have you or do you want a specific coming home outfit?

I think youve got enough to start with. Depends on how often you want to do laundry and how accessible shops are I could nip into Asda on day 6 to get some more Maybe get some muslin or bibs just to wipe spit ups A pram suit or cardigan depending on your due date

Sounds like more than enough. Good idea to wait to get more if you find you need more. Baby clothes are everywhere so easy enough to get extras!

I had a June baby and had too much stuff he grew too quickly he wore hardly anything 😂 I had lots of short sleeve vests as most days this was all he wore, I’d get some mittens for the days he isn’t in a sleepsuit, I had footless onesies and I even had some baby shorts and leggings for the days it was too warm but not warm enough for just a nappy. Honestly my LO during the days when it was boiling was in a nappy most the day as my flat would reach 27 degrees inside some days! Then at night it would drop so he’d just be In a sleepsuit x

I’m currently pregnant and want to but so many things but also don’t want to have an overload little one won’t wear. I’d say you’ve got a good start, you can ALWAYS buy bits you may need online or in the shops so I wouldn’t worry too much x

I would definitely wait, you have more than enough to keep you going at first! I wish I didn’t buy so much as our baby wore hardly anything of it, not sure why I thought I needed 15 hats but she wore 2 max 🤣 xx

@Sinead my baby was born in July and even tho it was baking, we had to layer him up for the first few weeks still. I just used long sleeve vests and baby grows everyday with a cellular blanket indoors and a thicker blanket when we left the house and hat x

Depends when you are due hun - my was born June 22 with the heat wave and was mainly in vests when at home and lovely rompers when out and about 😉 I'd maybe suggest getting some newborn bits as both of mine were over 9lbs and 0-3 were still too big 🙃

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