Has anyone ever made a home made piñata?
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I have! I use wire to frame out the shape- tape over newspaper and then paper mache about 4 layers over that. Once that dries completely I glue the stops of tissue paper starting from the bottom up.

I have too! I made mine out of cardboard. Cut out the shape I wanted, hot glued the edges together, except for one area to add candy. Used duck tape to hold a zip tie for the rope and glued tissue paper all over. I folded and cut the tissue paper to the thickness I wanted, then cut the edges to make the frayed look. I took me maybe 3 to 4 hours to complete. Super easy.

@Francine this was more my plan I was thinking of!! Love it! Thanks

Ive made normal ones out of paper mache and I made a baby one for my LOs first birthday out of a paper bag. It worked out well

I did once! My mil showed me how to paper mache a creeper for my sons Minecraft birthday. They’re so much better than store bought.

Ive made two out of cardboard, a creeper head for my son (easy it was literally just a box🤣) and a unicorn/dinosaur 5 for my twins

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