One year old vaccination

Hey mamas! We go for vaccination on Monday, and I am stressing 😬 mainly because there are four injections, and I assume it won't be easy. Could you please share your experience? How did it go for you? Thank you 😊
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Hi. The nurse doing my daughters got another nurse in and they done 2 together then another 2 together. She gave me the option of 1 in each arm and 1 in each leg. Or 2 in each leg. I went with 2 in each leg. She was poorly with high temps afterwards but only lasted a couple of days, also off her food for around 1 week. It wasn’t the nicest experience but once we were out of the doctors and plenty cuddles she calmed down. Xx

Watch “a shot in the dark” series! On specific shots for one year old!

It's usually very quick. Baby's scream would quiet down with lots of cuddles. Take some baby snacks and their favourite distraction. This helps a lot. Also take some paracetamol so u give baby immediately afterwards. Expect temperature and rash in some cases. But they would all go away in no time. Just don't do anything to the rash. Paracetamol for temperature and u are good. Lots of fluids regularly because baby may not have much appetite. But as long as they are drinking lots, that helps. And plenty cuddles 🤗 You both will forget all about it within a few weeks.

I decided to separate them out and so my little boy had 2 in his legs earlier this week (MMR and MenC) then he’ll have the 2 boosters in his arms next week. This is because I personally would prefer for him to not have arms and legs out of action and his heart rate went up/ ended up in an and e with one set of the earlier ones. Totally appreciate for most they’d rather do it all together and get it out the way but to each their own! Good that they gave me the option to do them separately, so maybe ask if you think the 4 is too much.

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