Anxious mum navigating Bromley housing system

Can you please share with me your experience of bidding. How long did it take? what was your banding priority? How long did it take for them to contact you to view a property when you was successful. I was put on band 1 under medical 04/01/24 after their occupational therapist assessed our case and due to disability/ wheelchair needs ect it’s recommended on our case we have a “house with garden space” rather than flat. We are currently living in a 1 bedroom 2nd floor flat with no garden and we are entitled to bid for a 3 bedroom. How long do you think it will take? I want to be excited because it took a lot to get to band 1 and we are so desperate honestly but I’m scared it will take years. My anxiety is through the roof as there was only 1 property on home seekers this week. Usually there’s 5-10 so it’s just made me more anxious. Any bit of info would be helpful. Thanks in advance x
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Don’t want to be „bad policemen „ but it may take YEARS London is bad for social housing and Bromley is one of the most busy area. Hopefully it will be shorter period for you but I know a mother of 4 who is waiting already 5 years.

5 years??? Do you know what band she is on as I know that “overcrowding” is actually lower priority than 1. I think it’s band 2. I appreciate your honesty. It’s just nice to speak to someone about it

I work in social housing for Bromley too and honestly it will probably still take years. Bromley is a high demand area and there is only so much social housing. There is also not many 3 bed properties and again they are the most needed properties so although your band one there is probably hundreds of people on a band 1 who need a 3 bed who will be before you. X

No worries. No unfortunately I don’t know I am just working with this girl but her case is apparently important as her one baby 3 yo is disabled and there was a lot goin on withthe man in her life. Anyway she is still waiting.

My friends were 1R (also disabled) and got a 2 bed ground floor flat with garden within 3 months in Beckenham. Was very quick. I recently got a direct offer after waiting 18 months (band 2H) You never know. Stay positive and keep chasing xx

@Hayley that’s so reassuring Hayley thank you for commenting, I’ve got such bad anxiety over moving as we’re are basically housebound due to my daughter’s disability and where we live it’s not safe to carry her down all the stairs and there is no wheelchair access. It’s really affecting our quality of life 😔🥹 x

I really do think you'll get something soon, but you must keep chasing Bromley Council. They don't care which is absolutely disgusting. My friend is visually impaired and has many other health problems and has an autistic son, so needed a wet room, kitchen designed for her needs etc and she got all that (the one I mentioned about in previous comment) You hear horror stories with Bromley Council and they wasn't pleasant to me at all in my situation, but I finally got my forever home 🥹 They can just give you a direct offer if a place comes up suitable for you and your daughters needs which I really hope they do for you guys soon ❤️ I didn't bid on my property that I'm in, like I said, direct offer, so stay hopeful and on their back xx

@Hayley I really do hope you’re right. It was such a fight to get on band 1 I had to contact local my MP & councillors and through doing that they sped up my application and did an internal investigation which is how we got band 1. My daughter’s EHCP is due to be completed very soon as no school (including SEN Schools) have said they can accept her because they aren’t able to meet her complex needs I hope by sending that to the council it will help further as I’m having to home school in this 1 bedroom flat and my daughter can’t access her therapies here. It was so reassuring reading your comment. Fingers & toes crossed we are successful in our bidding and find our forever home too 🥹♥️

Feel free to message me, I may be able to help you get even further🤞🏻I went through the whole MP, appeals etc. The MP I found was no help unfortunately, but you have to cover all bases. The only thing that may make this a longer wait is the fact you need a 3 bed house. There's so many unattended council flats, but not so much houses and these are rare to come by, but don't lose hope. The more you put the pressure on the council, the more they'll get sick of you and then house you (from my experience) just don't be rude to them (I know it's hard) but they were so patronising to me, but I remained calm and called them out on any time they showed no empathy or compassion. I believe this really helped us. There was many times I could of hailed abuse, but knew it wouldn't get me no where (although it killed me not to do that😅) Don't even hold onto the hope of bidding, they get properties that they hold back that they don't put on the bidding for people in desperate need (certain adaptations etc like yourselves)

@Hayley it’s so hard getting the right people to listen isn’t it. Im happy for you that you got somewhere. I’m literally just waiting for the EHCP paperwork to come through then planned on sending that with a cover letter explaining our situation is now worse now that I have to home school to the council and CC-ing everyone in. 3 bed houses are much rarer you’re absolutely right but tbf last week there were 3, 3 bedroom houses on home seekers, I was shocked! One advertised 6 bed spaces so it must of been a decent size, this week there’s only 1 flat on there. My only concern with being made a direct offer is that we then lose ability to choose a place/location. Yes we are desperate to move but we also need to stay close to our support network, I don’t drive and Bromley Borough is actually massive so for now bidding is probably our best bet, if I had to turn down an offer it might not help my case. Responding here as it might help someone else. I’ll inbox you thank you so much x

Messaging now xx

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