Newborn fighting sleep 😩

I'm a ftm and my baby girl is 4 weeks old. She is really alert but for the last week she has been fighting every nap during the day. She has gone from sleeping anything from 2-4 hrs to 45 mins if we're lucky and sometimes missing full naps altogether. Shes crying alot more because she's so tired and it's affecting her finishing her bottles. When she does nap daytime she tends to sleep better with either contact naps or in her moses basket but on her stomach - I know it's not recommended. She does have colic/reflux so I think it feels better when she's on her front. I'm not sure what I can do to help her nap easier without fighting so hard any suggestions or advice would be really appreciated 🙂
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If she’s got reflux then she’s too painful to sleep on her back. My LG had this so would only contact sleep or sleep on her belly or sleep sitting in a chair. I let mine sleep on her side or tummy as otherwise she just never slept. She was able to turn herself though (when she was only 1 month old!).

She can lift and turn her head pretty well already and I do monitor her while she's sleeps on her tummy - that wee bit of sleep for her makes all the difference at times x

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