Is it just me who feels the wait in between scans is a bit extreme I had my first scan at 12 weeks and was constantly worrying that something was wrong I’m now coming up 15 weeks and my anxiety is back as my next scan won’t be till I’m over 20 weeks, luckily I’ve booked a gender scan for when I’m 1 day off of 18 weeks as I just couldn’t wait till end of may till we find out!
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Yep it's awful having to wait so long isn't it. Also feeling anxious. I swear my bump has got smaller too.. and my boobs don't hurt as much, which really doesn't help!!!!! Acid reflux worse than ever though.. but trying to take that as a positive sign 🙄 All the best for your gender scan! 😊

@Jess my bump is only visible after I’ve eaten! Half the time it just looks like I’ve gained weight:( it’s just my boobs that hurt now and every now and then I get acid reflux with feeling sick

The wait is awful. I'm 17+3 and My anxiety gets high so I book private ones alot. My next proper one is when I'm 20 weeks with the hospital but went yesterday for a private one and my boy is thriving thank god 💙. If you have the funds then book private scans it helps alot to get that reassurance xc

That’s why so many of these private clinics are popping up. They’re making a killing on the anxiety of hopeful parents. Hopefully they do the Doppler at your 16 weeks midwife app in your area though. That helps too.

The wait is horrible 😞 It does help when you can feel baby moving regularly, it really eased my anxiety when I could feel them wriggling around and I knew they were ok!

They do doppler at 16 weeks appointment especially if you mention you are anxious 💕💕 I know its so crazy to wait for so long ❤️

It feels like the longest wait ever! I heard the heartbeat at my midwife appt 16 weeks but I had booked a private scan for that day anyway not knowing that, so hopefully you’ll hear that to ease your mind. I’m sure once I feel the baby move I’ll be mentally calmer it’s just getting to that point 😅

@Kate this inbetweeny stage is so frustrating isn't it. I wish you well with the rest of your pregnancy x

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