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I cannot get my month old baby to sleep without me holding her and I am honestly exhausted but feel so guilty if I don’t just pick her up to let her sleep. I cannot get anything done(I tried wearing her but she’s pretty heavy on my pelvic floor causing me to bleed and have pain) and hubby goes to schools Monday and Wednesdays and he works nights. I pump mostly but I also nurse her at least twice every day. I have tried swaddling, sleep sacks, and even the baby shusher but nothing is working. Please any tip or advice would greatly help.
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I found this article to be helpful and I do this w my 6 week old and it actually is working

If all else fails, search safe bedsharing

I swallow my baby who's 8 weeks on and I hold him really tight. And then I slowly leave him down as he still sleep. And with that warmth of it being him, he usually stays asleep when I put him down after eating.

It sounds so weird, but get a tall sock and fill it with rice and put it on baby’s belly. You can also try warming up the bassinet or bed with a heating pad first. The sock mimics the pressure of being held. The warmth of the heating pad makes the transition of your body heat to bed easier.

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