getting baby to sleep:

anyone else baby sleep longer when swaddled just enough to break free when baby rolls or moves in their sleep? i’ve tried laying baby in crib without swaddling and wakes up immediately or tossed and turnes all night. i get too tired by like 4-5am and put him in bed with us and he sleeps for a long time! i figured since he’s getting older and takes 3 naps during that day night time would be better. what can i do? we’re also moving soon and he won’t have his crib for a few weeks. i don’t want him to get used to sleeping with us 😅
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Ours does better when we put her in a transition sleep sack. The Sleepea still pulls in around her chest and waist like a swaddle but her arms are out so she can roll. She has slept best that way for us if you want to try it!

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