I’m struggling to connect to this baby. I love feeling them move and going to my appointments especially scans to see their cute face but I just feel unconnected to them. We still haven’t picked a name I’m still feeling gender disappointment and I’m more than half way through I thought I would be okay and have picked a name and be buying baby stuff but instead I feel like I’m just forcing myself to.
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Is this your first baby? I feel the same on this pregnancy. It’s my second baby and I feel guilty 🥺

Kinda feel the same but ino when they here ur gonna just fall in love with them x

I think our instinct kick in at different stages depending on the person. Dont worry if you’re not feeling connected yet, it will come but there are things you can do to help such as read a story to your baby, play the baby some music, talk to the baby, go and buy something like a cute cuddly toy so you have something physical to touch which the baby will also touch when born. Don’t feel down because you’re not feeling it strongly yet, we are all different and go at different paces x

@Liv I’m the exact same as it’s my second to, I think it’s perfectly natural as your first made you a mum and it’s so unique whereas second is something you expect and you’re not shocked and amazed by everything x

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