Parenting feels so so hard atm

My LB is 14 months old and just lately parenting seems to of gotten 100x harder. He used to be such a good sleeper but now he just wakes randomly and won't go back down for nearly 2 hours. I'm at my wits end. I'm exhausted as I'm back working and partner has 2 jobs. One night job and a part time through the day. I love my LO more than anything but I'm finding it hard to enjoy time with him arm as I'm so so tired. I feel like I'm failing him atm. I deffo don't have a village to support me, it's literally just our little unit which I don't mind. I just need a rant I think and maybe ask how other people cope with the exhaustion and regulating emotions. Around my period I just can't control my emotions. Everything feels worse than it is 😩
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I feel u momma. Just know u are doing amazing and not failing anyone. Even if you are too exhausted to enjoy time with baby. You are human too and not running on batteries! Some days can be like this and there's nothing we can do. I'm in a similar situation and what I did is yo try and find out what makes baby sleep longer. Could be a particular meal last thing at night, or safe co-sleeping since partner is not home at nights. These would help me sleep longer myself. And during the day at work or wherever, I try to rest as much as possible whenever I get the opportunity. Even if it means abandoning all the housework and catching sleep when baby is napping. Or eating quickly at breaktime and squeezing in a few minutes of sleep during lunchtime at work. Or even leaving baby with daddy for a while to go sleep whenever he's around. I keep reminding myself it's just for a while and soon baby would get to the point they won't even want to get out of bed early mornings!

I feel the same, seems like since she turned 1 I just have no idea what's right for her anymore. There's always something wrong whether it's bad eating, bad sleeping, separation anxiety, discipline. I'm finding it a really tough age

I've just seen this after being up since 5am with my LG who would normally sleep till 7.30 🥲 idk if it's teething, sore belly, or the fact she has a cold. Woke up partner at 6.30 to at least try and get some sleep before I have to get me and little one ready - he spent 10 mins getting her down then ignored us both when she started screaming again 5 mins later. So I just went in, turned on the light and put some toys in with her then got in the shower so I could calm down. He works till 9pm in the week so literally spends an hour with her in the morning after I leave for work, before he drops her off to the childminder. It feels like everything is on me and i still can't get it right. So you're definitely not alone!! We just keep going for our babes 🥲💜

Honestly it's been such a hard few weeks. I've just felt like I dont know how to comfort him atm and feel like I've been failing him.its so hard trying to determine what they need at times! Don't feel like I'm in it on my own now. Thank you all and hope we all get back to routine soon 😍

Finding this such a tough age too! It’s like everything you try to do is wrong 🙈! My LO is back to having milk over night as it’s literally the only thing that will soothe him back to sleep before he wakes the whole neighbourhood! Hes short tempered and throws a tantrum when he doesn’t get what he wants .. trouble is I don’t even know half the time as all we get is “uh or oh” in a vague area 😂! Hates being strapped into anything whilst eating it’s becoming very testing to say the least! It’s nice to know we’re not alone!

Your not alone my LO just turned 15 months today and he had a huge tantrum for well over an hour, he was tired as had only 1hr nap at 11am and he did touch much of his lunch and was rubbish his eyes like he was still tired so I changed him and tried to get him down and he fought and fought. Think that’s been the worst one yet… he eventually had a few hours but it was a late afternoon nap 😣. He is going down to one nap but I can’t seem to get the timing right, he is just a bit more Hard work than he used to Be so your def not alone

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