Working out post C-section

I just had my 6 week follow up appointment. I was told not to resume working out and to continue taking walks instead. When were you able to resume working out? And were you cleared to do so at your 6 weeks appointment?
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I’m 12 weeks and I was only cleared to do walks, which I can barely do because after awhile my incision starts hurting even with my belly band on. Take it easy, don’t rush it

I was cleared at my 12 week appointment to start working out but doctor said no heavy weights for a while still and to take it easy and not push myself too much

As someone who pushed myself too hard too fast…take it easy. I now have a ton of adhesions from my scar (where my scar essentially spiderwebs out internally and is “stuck” to organs). Its…not fun. Be gentle with yourself.

We don’t have to be cleared to do stuff in the UK - the advice is standard for everyone, so I took my first run at 6 weeks PP. I wasn’t expecting to even be able to do a full 3 mile jog so fully anticipated stopping to walk. But it was honestly magical, felt amazing, and wasn’t a bad time either!!

I was just walking and at 8 weeks was cleared but wasn’t told I could lift weights my doctor said ease back into it and I just walk and I’ve done light arm exercises etc. I agree don’t try to do too much give yourself and your body grace … the better you heal the better it is in the run

Take it easy :) Walks are the best for now. I restarted Karate around 3 months PP but only katas not the fighting bits yet as I want to take it easy and work on moving more and more slowly and work on breathing :)

Cleared at 6 weeks to resume all normal activity. I was like so i can go running? My ob said yes! I waited like a week or two before going jogging. I was doing deep core and pelvic floor stuff at home before getting cleared.

Thank you all for sharing ❤️

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