Breast mama cluster feeding

Hey everyone so I’m a first time mama! My Son is 5 weeks and has been eating nonstop! He’s been eating almost every 1 1/2 hours! I feel like I can’t keep up and my nipples are so tender. How long could this last for? He’s eating 5oz every feeding as well if not more. Here’s a pictures so I don’t lose this post.
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My baby went through the same thing, I believe it lasted a week or something and she was colicky as well but I was giving her formula at night cz I was soo tired

Was there a certain type of formula you gave your baby?

I'm going through the same just yesterday i was on tap the entire day my niples.. I understand you. I just tell myself my baby is feeding more because of a growth spur and that in turn will help me produce more milk. Other than that it's a waiting game 🥲

I used to give her Bobbie but I switched recently to Bobbie gentle cz of her colic

Have you seen a lactation consultant? I was told and have read that nipples shouldn't be sore past about two weeks, and is they are there's something going on with latch probably. My lactation consultant has been really helpful!

No advice but I’m here with you! Baby is doing the exact same. I agree with @lila.

Get silverettes off Amazon for your nipples they work wonders and are so soothing. This should last only a week mama you’re doing great!

I’m going through the same thing! Especially at night my lo refuses to sleep unless she’s on tap and when I remove she wakes … my nipples stay sore, partially due to weak latch at night, partially due to cluster feedings…. I found that coconut oil works wonders for relief! And it’s not harmful to babies. Don’t forget to keep your nipples moist, try to lubricate with lanolin or whatever else you like to use :)

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