What is everybody else's tantrums like?!

My LO has tantrums, and I know that's completely normal. They don't have loads of tantrums, but my God, they're massive. I mean, full-on screeching HV has seen them tantrum and was shocked. I've been told to ignore the tantrum completely, and it's been working, but it's starting up again, and my ears can't take anymore. Does anybody else's LO throw mammoth tantrums too?
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LO usually just stands and screeches until they're blue in the face 😩

We've have alot of big emotions but we've only have 2 or 3 that would be considered tantrums. We get down to his level near him and let him know we're there for when he wants us he normally comes and rests on us partway through then hugs whilst letting out the last of the tears, we do the same with any big emotions he has and it seems to be working.

When he's starting a tantrum I usually ask if he wants a cuddle. If he says yes I'll go swoop him up and give him a big cuddle. If he says no I will maybe move him a bit so he doesn't hurt himself (we have some tiled areas) and then leave him to get on with it. They can't self regulate so I wouldn't ignore them all. I also never give in to the thing he is tantruming over. I manage to avoid quite a few of them by never saying no unless I mean it and unless it's a thing he really can't do. I'm not going to say no to him jumping in puddles for example just because he'll get a little wet, but things which are actually naughty etc are obviously a no. This helps him feel more in control and not like he's constantly being told no for no reason which really does help!

I've recently started to do that no thing your doing, I think your right it helps them feel a little more in control ❣️ sounds like your doing fantastic mum work. If it helps at all should only take a year or so for them to understand their emotions and then we get to do it all again with the testosterone and estrogen overload 😆😱 x

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