Catheter and pads/undies?

For those who have had their c-sections, can you please talk me through the catheter, undies, pads and getting up for a walk situation? From what I’ve read, they want you up and walking as soon as possible, but the catheter stays in. How do you do that and do you have undies on? If no undies, how messy does it get?
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They took the catheter out for me once I could walk. They place the catheter right before the surgery. I kinda felt them putting it and taking it out but it wasn’t painful or anything. They give you undies at the hospital but I recommend taking your own (make sure they’re super high waisted and won’t bother the incision, are fully cotton and kinda big for comfort) You can walk as soon as you can feel and move your legs and you’re ready to try! A nurse should be able to help you. Honestly, it was much scarier than it was. The sinner you walk the sooner you feel like you’re getting better and not stuck on a hospital bed!

I had pad mats on my bed so I just stayed in and around my bed when I was walking. They never forced me to walk. A lot of the time I was just moving my legs around while in bed xx

Thank you! ❤️That makes me feel better. I had a few (different) surgeries previously and I found walking to be really helpful with recovery, so was curious how it all works post c-section.

Catheter comes out as soon as spinal wears off and you have control over your bladder again. They put undies and pad on me as soon as they took the catheter out and wanted me up and walking basically as soon as the possible

With my first, they left the epidural in for 12 hrs after C-section, they removed it and catheter at 2 am, and had me walk to the bathroom. Before they took it out they laid a puppy pad under me and also one of the giant maxi pads in between my legs to catch the blood. I used the pads and undies they gave me, super comfortable and didn’t bother my incision at all!! I was up and walking around my room as soon as I woke up at 5 am. I didn’t want to stay in bed because I was tired of it

I didn’t get given undies, but they had me lay on a inco pad and had maxi pads in between my legs which they checked and changed regularly. My catheter was removed in the morning and I put on maxi pads and maternity knickers

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