SNOO sleep sack

I’ve zipped up the smaller sleep sack, to the top but I’m frightened it’s too big for my 2 week old. I’ve then tucked it in as I’m scared it’ll go over her face. Is this ok?
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Small is for 5-12lbs. She should be fine as long as she's within the wait range. I'd definitely zip it up to secure it. I'd be more worried about it going over her face if it's not zipped up

@JL okay. Thank you. I’ve zipped it to the top and then tucked it in. Do you think that’s right or should I leave it tucked out? When we had her weight checked Saturday she was 6.4lbs so definitely correct weight - just worried when it’s tucked out, the material will go over her face 😩

Ok, I think you have too much room because you have baby's arms out. If you do arms in, it will fit and also ensure baby doesn't wake up from the startle reflex. Most don't do arms out until baby is much older.

@JL she hates her arms in unfortunately 😔

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