Breastfed babies

My 5, nearly 6 week old is breastfed and hasn’t pooped in over 7 days. I’m starting to worry, google isn’t helping 💔. Has anyone been through this and what was the outcomes etc? Thank you
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call 111, they’ll know best! how are they otherwise? wet nappies, feeding, sleeping, are they drowsy? if they’re breastfed they can go up to 14 days apparently but you should deffo not leave it that long! call 111 and ask for advice, they’ll ask you all that i did and they’ll judge from that whether you need to get them checked xx

My health visitor told me breast fed babies can go a long time without pooing as they are using everything they eat to grow and don't need to waste anything. So I wouldn't worry too much, just ring your gp in the morning if it will ease your worry, they'll probably prescribe something

Hey, I was in exactly the same position a few weeks ago. I went to the doctors as my son hadn’t pooed in a few days and she said breastfed babies can last a long time without pooing some babies can go 14 days!! If it makes you feel better call 111 they will ask you some questions and hopefully that will help xxx

We went to A&E when baby was 8 weeks as he hadn’t pooed for 4 days. He’s EBF and we were told they weren’t worried unless he went over 10 days & then they’d want to see us again! Sure enough, he pooed before 10 days!

@Gemma he’s literally fine in every other way, he just hasn’t pooped. He’s very gassy as well, more than usual. He is breastfed as well! Thank you xx

@Megan thank you xx

@Georgia Simmons how long did he go without pooping?🥺 I’ve called the doctors anyways, I assume they’ll say to wait the 14 days then but I am very stressed lol. I’ve never wanted to see poo so much in my life 🤣🤣 xx

@Becca hopefully it’s the same with us!! I’m dying to see some yellow poop 🤣🤣

I had the same problem with my baby and we still have. He poo only once a week. I went to gp and they prescribed me lactulose. We started lactulose 2 weeks ago but he hasn’t changed as much. Still we wait 5 days or more for a poo 🤣🤦🏻‍♀️

@Anna it’s been literally days and my doctors aren’t concerned, they’re saying to come back when it hits 2 weeks without poop and I’m really not comfortable with that!! How old is your little one? I’ve tried everything, I’d love them to prescribe something 😢 he’s in pain bless him

Go to gp please. Insist, they have to see your baby. Mine is 8 weeks now. They can help if u tell them your baby has a lot of pain he need to poo

@Anna I’m going to take him to a walk in doctors this morning and insist he gets seen x

How many days he has without a poo

But try something before to help your baby. Someone here told me to get a wet and warm towel and keep it in the babys ass hole. He is going to poo directly. I tried to my baby and it helped

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