Twitching in sleep

My baby is a week old today, noticed only just now she’s started twitching/jerking in her sleep. Is this normal?
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Babies move a lot when they sleep. Especially newborns because they can’t control their movements yet. Totally normal.

they twitch during wake windows. wake windows is basically them being awake and asleep at the same time. as newborns get older they will cry during wake windows as well lol even though they are still asleep.

@Riley she has been twitching the whole time I have checked her since she has been asleep since around 10ish, is that normal x

how old is she?

@Riley one week old today, now she’s laying in my partner and not really twitching so not sure if it’s the position she was laying in the sleepsuit but I’m still a bit concerned x

my daughter would twitch alot at that age, my daughter 33 days old and gradually the twitching stopped happening so much. the younger they are the more wake windows. she's probably not twitch as much with your partner holding her as there's more contact than the flat surface of her bed.

It’s totally normal, it’s active sleep

@Riley okay thank you for the reassurance x

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