Hi, I’m 4wks4days and I’m feeling a medium amount of cramping throughout the day. Is this normal? Has anyone else experienced this?
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Hi Faren! I am also 4 weeks and I have cramps too!

Yes cramping is very normal in early pregnancy. Your uterus ir growing and expanding to accommodate your little one ☺️ as long as it isn’t a huge/abnormal pain and you don’t have any bleeding I believe you’re ok but always seek medical advice if you’re unsure and need peace of mind! Xx

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Same experience for me today 4 weeks 4 days!

I’ve been having back and abd cramps with some hip pain as well.

Mild cramping can be normal and spotting can be normal :) if anything gets worse be sure to give your doctor a call.

@Kaila yes I have too!

Hi, is brown discharge normal in 4 weeks 5 days pregnancy?

@M I had this and it was a subchorionic hematoma.. it went away after a couple of months but it’s always best to get checked xx

@M also, brown means the blood is old so if it turns bright red or even more vivid in colour call your triage please

@Bruna thank you. I have doctor appointment next week I will get it checked with her. Until then, anxiety is hard to manage!

@M I know but try to think positive! Sending you good energy and will keep u in my prayers xx

Yes, cramps are normal :) I’ve noticed that my cramps are worse when I’m a bit dehydrated too! Whenever I’m feeling them I always chug a bunch of water and that seems to help :)

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