Starting to Add Milk

Hello mamas! My son is 11 months and two weeks old, is it ok to start putting whole milk in his bottles little by little? Or is it too early? If so, how should I do it? He drinks 6 oz of formula. Should I do 4 oz formula and 2 milk? And slowly add more?
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My daughter doctor told me to wait until they are year old

I started my 2 year old when he was 11 months. I slowly added it so it wouldn’t make his stomach upset.

I started my daughter with 1%. It’s more watered down.

I’d wait. It seems too early but if your doc gives you the go ahead, sure. We’ll be a year tomorrow, but I’m still gonna wait until the doctor does the 1yr checkup cause idk how to introduce it either.

Our doc gave us the go ahead at his 10 month appointment. But I waited until he turned 11 months. We did one week with 2/3 formula 1/3 WHOLE milk next week we did 1/3 formula, 2/3 milk and now he’s completely on milk. Make sure they’re still getting lots of water and fiber as the milk transition can constipate them.

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