Face cream & serum.

Hi ladies so I’ve just turned 30, and I’ve always had quite dry skin , I never really took care of it before was just using Nivea face wipes. But I really wanna start looking after my skin, someone recommended me to buy a serum and face cream. So I’m using the simple serum and face cream , is there anything else anybody can recommend, are those products good enough?
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Eye cream. When it looks like you need to start using an eye cream, you should’ve started using an eye cream 5 years before.

No, you need a serum with hyalauronic acid in, my personal recommendation would be Estée Lauder advanced night repair for day and night, then you definitely need an eye cream, I use Estée Lauder at night then Charlotte tilbury in the day (cryo one with caffeine), then you need a day and night moisturiser, I use Charlotte tilbury magic cream. Not gonna lie though this is several hundreds of skin care. I’d also ditch the wipes and use cleanser and toner. Start using face masks and eye masks. It’s not too late but establishing good skincare as early as possible is key.

buttah products if you are tan or brown

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