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I am combo feeding from bottle and breast. I feel like she’s never getting enough from the boob. She always gets super upset and pulls herself off then throws a fit. She was strictly breastfed for the first week and had no problems with getting enough. But now I’m not sure when she’s getting enough especially because she spits up a bunch after she breastfeeds. Please help she has a good latch that’s never been a problem but I dont know when she is done or has had enough.
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It’s likely that using formula could have impacted your supply. Breastfed babies typically cluster feed to bring your supply up so it seems like they’re not getting enough when they’re actually essentially putting an order in for their next feed. Whatever your breast releases your body will make the same again plus a bit more. If you’re using formula, make sure to pump enough to mimic how much baby would naturally breastfeed and keep water intake up x

@Shannon I don’t use formula I bottle feed her

@Chava aw okay. I understand ‘combo feeding’ as a mix of breast milk and formula. It could just be that she’s getting a bit confused between bottle and boob, but the rest of what i said still stands. Keep offering baby the Breast x

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