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So my health tell me to put me baby in the floor she can play no mat will be okey and they need to get used to and play on the floor as I do have floor carpet so she said this are okey to go how are you guys coping with baby tummy time she said let her tummy time on the floor facing down and I said that’s to hard for her chest isn’t it 😭😭cause she hates doing tummy time in the floor she loves it on bed she still so young
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I bought foam tiles off Amazon and then have a mat on top and she’s fine that way.

I have a relatively thin foamy mat from Amazon as well (one which folds). It's not too soft but seems to be fine? Before I just had a blanket on the floor, but he'd always grab it and wasn't moving as freely as he could because of it. You can see if your little girl can do tummy time on floor with some support (roll a little blanket under her chest, or use an incline)

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