castor oil for induction!

37 weeks 5 days, I have gestational diabetes with uncontrolled high fastings, I’m 3cm dilated and 40% effaced already and they want to induce me at 38+6 weeks anyway due to her possibly having too big of shoulders/ belly causing a risk for her getting stuck. Has anyone used castor oil? I’m nervoussssss
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The hospital is using castor oil?! That's a big hell no. They do not recommend doing that anymore

Are you saying you want to try to use castor oil or the hospital is?

I’m reading risks of castor oil on this app. Can anyone further explain the complications please? Just curious

i heard that you should not because it’s dangerous!!!! i will not whatsoever i do not care who likes it and who don’t

castor oil is SO DANGEROUS.. 😶 essentially what happens Is the oil acts like a laxative. for both you and baby. it doesn't actually help progress the labor but can cause the baby to have muconium(aka poop) while still inside you.. from here the baby who still breaths in the amniotic fluid will start breaking in the muconium..which means there are poop particles in their lungs, which can and often does cause a severe infection. This infection in infants who aren't equipped to handle it often will get sepsis.

@Kelsey THIS my mother in law said she used castor oil with her daughter and she had muconium because of it

Natural ways for induction include sex, nipple stimulation, and walking. Castor oil is a no no

@Kaitlan there is enough risk of mucomium without castor oil, it's almost guaranteed with castor oil

Absolutely not, unless you want your kid to aspirate on their meconium and develop lung issues because of it

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