Shouted at my toddler I feel bad

So my 16 month old and I were both asleep on the sofa and then woke up to go to bed as I transferred us he woke slightly (he was awake but his eyes were shut) and got agitated and started to cry, he grew more agitated and started to pull my hair really hard and his crying got louder. I then shouted really loudly at him to shut up! So loud my partner heard it all the way downstairs, this made my baby cry change into a I’m scared cry and he cuddled into me and was taking long breaths in between cries. I feel awful I’ve never shouted at him like this but I was so so tired and he was pulling my hair really hard & hurting me. The mum guilt is terrible.
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The fact you acknowledge it means you’re doing great! Absolutely no one at all is perfect, even those who have something to say about everything when it comes to parenting. It’s a learning curve for everyone and it clearly upset you just as much. I think we learn from by doing x

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