I feel so alone

My marriage is pretty much over and he has been controlling, emotionally abusive etc and his family I have been treated like dirt for years. I didn't have a good childhood and no family apart from my mum and ahevcan be toxic even though she stepped up when I need help support when son was born under emergency GA shevhelpnlooked after me after. I don't have great friendships, I have some mum friends but nobody to count on or confide in, I used to think my husband was my best friend and I could tell him anything but I have been proven wrong and can't trust him at all. I don't have a job car or family I cans stay with and I don't know what to do or where to start my life, it will just be me and my son, I'm scared ge will be alone and lonely like me, anyone else started over and life got better or words of advice? I am only here because of my son, because I know there is no-one else to take care of him and he keeps me going.
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Hi So sorry you are going through this I think the best place to start is getting some kind of financial independence, a job or some benefits The job can get you out of the house more and boost your confidence Even if its once a week, if your mom can help with childcare Your child has a better chance in life if they grow up in a stable loving home with you but they might struggle with issues if you remain in abusive relationship and they grow up watching that

Im sorry to hear this , feel for you 😞, iv gone through this i know how it feels. Its hard when u have nobody . All u can do is concentrate on yourself and your son , your son will grow up loving you and knowin u have been there for him 💕, he wont be alone as he has you. If u need to talk anytime message me , big hugs to u xxxx

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