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First time pregnant here 🤰 any tips on essentials I will be needing? Any hero products? Help!
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I can tell you what not to buy! Muslins, booties, mittens, comforters, 0-3 month clothes, 3-5 month clothes, blankets. I got given so many of them as gifts. There were lots that were hardly worn/used :-) I really liked the tuppence and crumble starsnugg which is great for baby when baby wearing if you choose to do this :-)

I would buy muslins, especially if breastfeeding, nuby rapid cool if bottle feeding, zip up onesies, I would get a mixture of tiny baby and newborn clothes xx

@Claire why no Muslins? What did you use instead? I've heard you need lots of them? And how many 0-3 months clothes would you recommend?

@Deanna thank you 🥰

This is amazing

Nuby rapid cool was amazing when we stopped BF and we liked the MAM bottles and dummies. I found up to 1 month sleepsuits really handy as well. I got mine from Next. People tell you not to get much newborn but the jump from newborn to 0-3 was no good for us. Anything from Next lasted the longest for us and washed the best x

@Lil we did use muslins but we were gifted so many so I wouldn’t have bought any if I’d known :-)

@Claire Ohhh I see! Thank you 😇🥰

@Rachel Next got it! Thanks 😆🥰

@Rachel oooo thanks I have that in my amazon basket! X

@Lil they have some of the cutest things as well🥹 x

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