Which breast pump is the best?

My baby was born prematurely, and I wanted to ensure he gained weight, so I opted to pump and feed him with a bottle. We rented a Medela Harmony pump from the hospital, costing us approximately $85 per month. As my baby approaches 5 months, I purchased a Medela Pump in Style, believing it to be hospital-grade. However, it failed to pump effectively, leaving me with engorged and painful breasts. We returned to renting the Harmony pump from the hospital. Due to the rental costs, I had to reduce my pumping frequency, resulting in a decrease in milk supply. Previously, I could express 130ml+ every three hours, but now I can only collect 130ml in a day. Additionally, my baby no longer latches and has become accustomed to the bottle. Can anyone please recommend a reliable breast pump? Thanks!
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Spectra from Amazon US (amazon.com) is supposed to be the next best thing to Medela hospital grade (Symphony). That's what my lactation consultant advised me to use. Although. I need different pump settings for each of my breasts and have been using wearable pumps (momcozy s12 pro) my lactation consultant doesn't advise wearable pumps. But honestly my supply hasn't been affected. Actually it's been increasing. And I end up using spectra less and less. And have returned the Medela symphony to the pharmacy. Hope this helps.

I have tried to look for it but unfortunately it’s not available in Canada

@Bhumika Hi I was also looking for breast pump suggestions that are almost as good as the rental ones. Thanks so much for your suggestion. However, I can see 3 different models for Spectra on Amazon. Com Could you list the model name here so I can get exactly the one that worled great for you. Thanks😊

@Dimple I got the blue one. Spectra S1. You will have to pay additional for shipping I guess from the States. https://www.amazon.com/Spectra-Baby-USA-Rechargeable-Electric/dp/B00DBKFFJM

I think the blue and pink are the same except blue is portable and pink is connected to the socket and immobile. I wanted to buy gold because it has different suction settings for each breast. But didn't buy gold because of the poor reviews. Good luck

I got the pumpables genie advanced shipped to canada, I love it. I borrowed a friends spectra s2 before it arrived and it is just as good but much more portable Here is some info on portable pumps https://www.karingforpostpartum.com/blog/portable-pump-comparison

I use one off amazon that's a replica of a expensive hands free one and I love it. However I'm not sure if hands free is for you. If your supply isn't going up is he gaining good weight? My daughter was losing and turns out my milk wasn't fulfilling or fatning enough for her 😩 Never had this issue before.

My baby was born prematurely as well, and I had to exclusively pump/bottle breastmilk for the first 3 months, and still used my pump like crazy after that. I got the Medela Sonata, worked amazing! It was the closest feel I got to the hospital pump rental.

I think looking into how you pump is also a big thing for milk production. It quite possibly might be the pump you use but trying different styles of pumping helps. In the beginning, I could just pump continuously until however long I wanted & stopped. I’m at the 4-5 month mark now & have to power pump to get a good output. So I do about 5 mins on, 10 mins off, 5 mins, on etc. some days I can still just continuously pump but most days I have to do a variation of modes & pump off & on times

@Aziza🇨🇦 it’s not about the way I pump. My breasts were engorged that means I had milk. Power pumping is done when you have less milk supply.

Lansinoh works just as good as my spectra s1!

Make sure you get nipple inserts for your pump, most women are not 28mm or 24mm. I wear a 17mm and a lot of women fit a 15mm

Pumpables genie advanced. It’s working great for me the second time around. I struggled to pump the first time and I used Medela and momcozy pumps that didn’t work for me at all. The pumpables is amazing. It feels so comfortable, just like baby is feeding and easy to use. It’s hospital grade but portable. I love that the whole flange is for your nipple size and you don’t need extra inserts so it’s less parts to clean.

Not necessarily. Power pumping can be used for many purposes. One of them being with less milk supply best of luck. I know it works for me I got a freezer full & power pumping save me when I was engorged or not

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