Wearable/portable breast pumps

I have the Spectra S2 through insurance that I use at least twice per day, but looking for a good quality wearable pump. I do have a slight oversupply. I have tried the Momcozy S12 and had problems with the motors/no longer providing suction after just a few weeks. I've had the momcozy M5s for about a week and now one motor is acting up. Looking to get a good one before returning to work! What have you guys tried? Love/hate?
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I have the momcozy S12 I emailed customer service and they gave me 2 completely new pumps because I had the same issue with the motors

@Ally I did this as well, but the second set also began having problems. Ended up getting a full refund, but still looking for a good pump.

One of my friends got these wearable pumps on Amazon and I purchased them about two weeks ago and have not gone back to my Medela hospital grade pump. https://a.co/d/jdWiX3Y

If you aren’t a super large chested woman, I recommend the willow go. Personally, I am too large chested for it to empty my boobs (it’s too tight inside my bra so it basically cuts off flow). (For perspective, I was a 36/38DDD before I started breast feeding, I haven’t even bothered to find out when I’m measured at now)

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