I get a UTI almost everytime I have sex

It’s gotten to the point where I’m terrified to have sex now, because whenever I do, I get a UTI the following day. I do everything possible to avoid them, wipe front to back, pee before and after sex, use a load of lube, try to not be to rough, shower daily and don’t use anything perfumed. But it’s just constant and now I never want to have sex because of getting a UTI. Please does anyone have any advice? In the last 3 months alone I’ve had MULTIPLE and I just don’t enjoy sex anymore because I know the following day I’ll be in so much pain from a UTI 🥹🥹🥹 I’ve had 3 courses of antibiotics and it always clears up, until the point of having sex again and then I get another one!
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I have no advice but this use to happen to me ALL the time before pregnancy due to birth control pills. It was absolutely terrible, so I understand .. are you on birth control ?

Hey, i may not be the best person to respond, but the only 2 things i can think of first, how much water do you drink a day? If it's 2 litres, try drinking 3 litres. Second, does your partner wash it properly, or is he sick (cold) ? (You don't have to answer!) I'm no doctor, but these 2 are the most common that i know to cause a UTI... Hope i helped somehow.

This happens often try drinking a lot of water and cranberry juice is really good for preventing UTI

When i got pregnant, my midwife told me this may happen so i spoke to a boots pharmacist and they sell non medicated cranberry tables that you can take daily to prevent this. Ask your partner to shower right before and you shower right after. Lastly, maybe try a different lube as that may be causing it too.

@Liyah I am on birth control, I’ve found since being on the pill I’m so dry down there anyway. My sex drive is non existent and it takes me a lot to be able to be aroused 😩 I might consider coming off the pill to see if that helps. Thank you xx

@Lexie thank you for replying 🩷 I drink an awful lot of weak diluted sugar free squash. I’ll try drinking more! He washes properly, he’s really clean and never had any issues with it being unclean during foreplay 😂😩 I’ll try drinking a lot more water xx

@Meile thank you, I might look in boots to see if I can pick some up! I drink a lot of watered down squash probably 3 litres a day, so I’ll try and drink 3.5 or 4 to see if it helps. I’ve tried a lot of different lubes, even one from the doctor that they suggested with mild anaesthetic to help me relax and not be so tight from being anxious about a uti xx

I don’t wanna add a whole lot of maybes but could be allergic to a fabric or a ingredient in the lube. I would definitely recommend having uncomfortable conversations with doctor to get some more explanation n answers about testing for anything else.

@Neta I’ve tried a lot of different lubes, even ones prescribed from the doctors. I’ve already had the awkward conversations with them haha and some tests done on my bladder and nothing seems to show any reasons as to why I keep getting them. I’ve had sexual health tests done to rule out any diseases too, thankfully all clear. I only wear cotton underwear now as I found with any other fabric I’d get them even without having sex! Nightmare 🥹 x

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