I am going insane

My baby has always been a terrible sleeper which means I haven't had a proper sleep for about a year now (last months of pregnancy weren't easy either). They're still waking up hourly at night and will only settle with boob. We co-sleep. I've tried gentle training but unable to reduce night feeds due to the crying (I can't take it). I feel like we've been on a continuous regression since they were born. I'm so exhausted, I have a headache and zero energy to do anything during the day. I'm losing my will to live honestly. Yes, I know "it's just a phase" and I know "it will pass" and "I'll miss this time" but f***en hell!!!! No point to this post I guess, just needed to vent somewhere where I might be understood. I want to sleep so badly I want to cry 😭 I have no family here and my husband works so has been sleeping in the living room for the past month or so, he takes baby in the morning but still, I want my sleep back 🥲🥲
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I’ve no advice, I just wanted to say I completely understand where you’re coming from. The longest sleep stint I’ve had is 2.5 hours since I was 6 months pregnant so you’re not alone x

I am on a similar boat. And recently my son has separation anxiety and won’t go to dad at all in the night ( previously he could rock the baby to sleep sometimes ) and during the day , he goes to dad sometimes when not hungry or sleepy and those moments are rare.

I feel this post so deeply! I had pregnancy insomnia the whole way through so I haven’t had more than 2.5hrs sleep since about December 2022 😂🫠 My boy also won’t settle for anything other than the boob. We’ve had a few nights this week he’s slept 3 hour stretches because he’s discovered he can roll onto his tummy! But 3 hours is an AMAZING stretch of sleep for him! It is absolutely brutal. No advice but you’re absolutely not alone ❤️

This is me too. Mine wakes hourly at least and I resettle with boob. My body’s pretty much got used to no sleep now so I manage but I’d love to know there’s an end in sight somewhere x

@Louise I wish my body would get used to it too 🥴 I can't function 🧟‍♀️

Going through similar 😢 we were up every 2 hours last night boob is the only thing that settled him. His sleep went downhill once he hit 6 months. I’m exhausted 😩

Omg stop I could have wrote this 🥲 my boy will sleep for two hours when he first goes down then after that wakes up every 45 minutes, I’m exhausted, even if I bring him in the bed he sleeps longer but I can’t sleep being touched so I just lay awake most of the night now

I could have written this post about my 8 month old, although my partner does get up once or twice a night I would say I average 2-3 hours sleep max a night. Sat and had a little cry this morning from the pure exhaustion. Is your little one also being super fussy during the day as they’re overtired from not sleeping at night? Like you, I’ve been getting headaches and have no energy to do anything. Feel like I’m in survival mode. Everyone say it’ll get easier but personally I think it’s getting harder.

@Nicole yes! He's then grumpy most of the day wanting to sleep but fighting when put down. I agree it just keeps getting harder 🥲

I am in EXACTLY the same position!!! It's sooo brutal and I'm actually sick of breastfeeding now as I just want my husband to be able to help!! What I would do for a longer stretch of sleep after soooo long 😭 I feel awful as my 3 year old just isn't getting the same level of energy from me in the day as I'm shattered. I found the cling film in the fridge today 🙃 you'd think you'd get used to the lack of sleep after 8 months but I'm finding its just getting harder! Feel stuck and really hope it improves soon for all of us x

Same position here. We have just paid for a sleep consultant who said she can help .. Really hoping to see some changes🥹

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