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What's your bedtime routine? I tried switching my routine so she doesn't sleep while feeding. I now do feed, change diapers and PJs, then read a book. She ends up crying though at the end. And I end up feeding her even if she's eaten for 40mins before the bedtime routine.
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Bath, lotion/massage and fresh diaper, first boob, get him dressed into PJ’s/sleep sack, second boob, book and then rock him for about 10 mins in pitch black room. He’s down between 8-9pm and sleeps until 4-5am and then goes back to sleep for another 3ish hours.

@Melanie Stefani Wow! That sounds amazing. Is he still awake during the book part?

Is there a reason you don't want to nurse to sleep?

@Emily Grace well... My friends with older kids mentioned it'll be good to eventually not do so... So that when she starts teething I can brush her teeth.

Following because my pediatrician told me I shouldn’t nurse to sleep because it’ll make the four-month sleep regression harder. But when I tried to switch it up tonight, he started crying and rooting, even though I know he had a full belly. Seeing very conflicting advice online about nursing to sleep - what is everyone’s experience?

@Katie going through this right now! I’m not sure what to do either🫠

@Celine no he’s normally dozing off, but we still do it anyway!

@Katie and @Niani exactly! Trying to figure out how to keep at it. I was able to do it when we first changed her routine... Now she'll just cry hysterically even if she's full.

@Melanie Stefani ooooh! I guess the second boob helps him stay asleep or calm too. Thank you for sharing this with me!

I've noticed that if we skip bath time, bedtime is unpredictable. Our routine is: bath (just water, oatmeal and breastmilk), moisturize/massage, nurse again, story, diaper change, rocking/pacing for 10-15 mins if she's still awake, if she's hungry I nurse again at this point but I never let her fall asleep latched I unlatch her the first time she takes a pause then burp her while I pace the room with the sound machine on I really didn't want to create a habit of nursing to sleep either since I'll be working nights (from home) once my maternity leave ends next month I need her to be able to fall asleep without my breast in her mouth 😅

@J.S. oh! Thank you for this! Will consider incorporating what you're doing. Good luck with returning to work!

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