Witching hour

Anyone else’s baby going through witching hour every night? I’ve tried everything to avoid it - naps every 30-90 minutes after waking, feeding her, white noise, rocking, walking around. Tonight she screamed & yelled until I put her in my solly wrap & walked back and fourth in a dark room for 45 minutes. It’s so overwhelming to hear her scream. Any suggestions??? I am tired. She’s a great calm baby during the day but 6 pm hits & its a different baby til she falls asleep for the night. My husband cannot console her so it’s left to me every night. Helppp.
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Have you tried weird things like placing her on top of the dryer once it’s on or turning a vacuum on or turning a hairdryer on? Mine did this for a while until I tested her for a dairy sensitivity. During the day she seemed to be fine, but at night time between five and midnight she got inconsolable I took out dairy from my diet since I breast feed and the witching hour is not as bad anymore.

Yes yes yes!!! Absolutely nothing helps us. Asked the doctor and apparently they’ll grow out of it but for now we just have to suffer unfortunately

@Abby I have not tried any of that stuff. I’m hoping this last feed will put her to sleep for the evening. I breastfeed too & have wondered if she has an intolerance. Maybe I’ll try cutting dairy

Been through it, mine was everyday at 7pm, I tried so many things was so overwhelming it get worse when she was 6 weeks, I changed my diet, stoped eating anything with diary and switched to Bobbie gentle, and I saw online about chamomile tea I gave her mixing it with formula that helped a lot for her colic (just half an ounce) now she is 8 weeks and no more witching hour thank God.

@Tristyn ugh, it’s so awful. I read it peaks at 6 weeks (she’s 5 weeks) and will dissipate by 12. Sounds like such a long time still ha

I tried establishing a routine with mine seems to work. Once she wakes up I feed her then play with her I then do tummy time, on the nights that I don't bathe her I put lotion on her just a bit to relax her put on her pj's feed her some more and rock her to sleep. She will still wake up but after 2-3 hours lucky if its 3½,that is a huge win 😅😅😅 point is get her busy tire the baby out and feed bada Bing bada boom! Good luck mamma :)

@lila what time do you put her down for the night?

I put her down by 10 asleep I start my routine around 7-8 giving my 2-3 hours of baby routine focus.

My babe is almost past the witching hour, she is 8 weeks and is just some nights now. I'm pretty sure for her it's gas/tummy hurting, it often helps to do firm patting just above her butt, hold her upright like not leaned back on my chest at all, or bicycle kicks. Gripe water sometimes helps? Hard to tell

Remember everything is a phase! I used to do the same thing, just put her in a wrap and walk around with noise canceling headphones on. If it was nice I would take her out the fresh air really does help

@lila gotcha. My daughter consistently goes down by 730-830 and is up by 530-630!

@Sara yes! I try to remind myself of that. I use gripe water too. I think it’s gas for her too. I’m not going to have dairy today & see if that helps. Noise canceling headphones is smart ;)

Yes! It got better now at 9 weeks. It was bad between 6-8 weeks

With my 5 week old, I wore her and vacuumed the house. She immediately passed out.

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