Not sitting yet?

My 7 month old baby does not sot independently yet. I don’t like to put pressure on her to sit for long time. She doesn’t like to sit either. We do practice for a little while. Some people says to me that baby should start sitting by 7 months old. Is that true? Do I need to worry about?
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Dont worry about it. Mine did not sit either. He started sitting around 8 months and was standing by 8.5 months. Every baby is different. I would not think too much about it, but I you are worried check with your family doctor 😊

There are things you can do to encourage her, if you want. You can put toys in front of her, while you’re behind her, supporting her hips & back. You can also try using a sit me up for 10-15 minutes a day. I did both of these things when my LO was 5 months old and it took him about 3 weeks before he was able to sit unassisted. Everything in moderation, and slowly she will get there. Babies develop on their own timeline. She has another 2 months before you should worry about it

Definitely nothing to worry about now. Instead of trying to actively teach them to sit, focus on freedom of movement. The more space they have to wriggle around and crawl and get in and out of different positions, the more they develop overall muscle tone and control as well as balance and proprioception. All of these are the building blocks for gross motor skills.

My daughter is almost 8 months and she just started to sit on her own a few days ago!!

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