Possetting so much

Baby who is EBF brings up so much milk. I can see his mouth fill up just before it happens. I’ve tried everything sitting up after feeds etc. sometimes it’s very thin liquid and sometimes it’s very mucusy. He is 5 months. Should this still be happening? I’m so embarrassed when other people hold him, he brings it all out. I also wonder if he is keeping enough in.
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Following my boy skills a yogurt like texture liquid

My daughter did it regularly and is 8 now and perfectly fine.. she did it so much after a feeding we would have a cloth handy under her chin to catch it. I was informed that some breastfed babies still overeat, and it could also be a number of things, or nothing. As long as you continue to feed baby as needed, she will be fine but if you are worried you can always contact doctor.

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