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Hello, My baby is 6 months old she isn’t crawling yet like she refuses to 😩 she will lay in her back and use her head to push herself… I’ve tried everything getting down in the floor with her waving toys in front of her … I’m stuck someone please help any pointers???
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What does she do in tummy time? Just rolls?

Yes she will just roll back and forth she even does that to get places she refuses to crawl

Don’t be concerned. Babies aren’t supposed to crawl until between 7 and 10 months. Of course some babies hit this milestone early, but there isn’t any reason for you to worry. And actually in the US the CDC took crawling off their list of milestones. Some babies will never crawl and go straight to walking. So there’s really nothing to worry about.

Keep in mind that it would be unusual if your baby could crawl!

Thank you guys! I was very concerned I am being told by a lot of people she should be starting and it’s just nerve racking thinking she is behind in it.

That’s annoying that they are telling you that. Even if ahe was behind, it would be ok! Somebody’s gotta be behind and some are ahead in order to create the average…

I’ve a 6 month old too, she’s not close to crawling yet either

My friends 10 month old just started crawling and sitting this week!! Your baby is definitely not behind!

My baby is also 6 months and she ain’t crawling or walking. She isn’t even pushing herself around in her head 😂 she’s just rolling. They’ll crawl and start moving in their own time.

My boy scoots around but doesn’t crawl but he prefers to stand with support and try and walk

My 6mo only “crawls” on the bed and he won’t use his arms. Just scoots with his head/face and legs with his arms by his side 🥴🤣 when I put him in his playpen he just rolls around.

my 6 month old just face plants and tries to scoot like that but he loves trying to stand

Some my baby rolls and rolls and rolls and he can get up on his knees or his hands but not at the same time and think crawling is actually a very hard technique to be able to move all four limbs in the correct motions at the correct times. I’m not stressing it he’s succeeding every where else but I also think he will go straight to walking lol

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