Old wives tales?

What old wives tales for gender prediction were true for you? Mine were: Nausea but no sickness Craving savory/salty food only Not much heartburn Dry skin and no breakouts Lots of boob growth, and fast! Boy! 🩵
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Nothing correlated for me, I was for sure I was having a girl mostly based on old wives tales and I was wrong lol I’m going to be a boy mom

Nausea but no sickness was def true for me when I was pregnant w my son. I barfed up a storm this first trimester with my daughter that’s how I knew she was a girl 😂

Last time around, I had every symptom that predicted girl, including the Chinese calendar…but I had a boy LOL

Nothing lol. I’m having a boy as well

The above is false for me, lots of puking and heartburn, having second boy.

I had nausea and no sickness Craved salty savory foods not sweets 0 heartburn Breakouts and brittle nails Weight gain 166 bpm Girl 💕 Based on the wives tales i thought it was a boy except for my brittle nails and her heart rate being high

I have fairly bad nausea in my second trimester but have only thrown up once or twice during my first trimester, my biggest craving is salty food, I've had terrible heartburn, no dry skin, and only minor/typical breakouts, and my breasts have grown enough I already have stretch marks. I'm having a boy🩵 I don’t personally think these things are accurate but it’s always fun to see what matches.

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