Co-sleeping - help!

My baby girl is 4.5 months old and for the last 3 nights she just won’t sleep in her cot. Shes always slept through the night ( occasionally the odd night feed) and always slept in her next to me. Now she wakes every 30 minutes screaming her head off but as soon as I pick her up or lay her in my bed with me she is sparko and instantly stops. I’m so so worried about SIDS and her over heating. I know co sleeping / bed sharing isn’t safe but I’m so lost as what to do. I’m so tired I can’t stay awake and it’s making my pp rage come back and I’m furious at the littlest thing. Anyone have any advice?
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No advice but exactly the same here, hasn’t through the night since the sleep regression, but has always gone down in her next to me and stayed there throughout the night. Last 3 days refuses to sleep in it and screams until I hold her when she falls asleep immediately and won’t be put back down. Last night I had to give in and co sleep because I was just so exhausted I physically couldn’t stay awake. Glad to know I’m not alone in this😭😭

My LO 95% of the times she sleeps in her cot, but sometimes when I put her down after the night sleep, she just doesn't want to stay by her self in her cot, mind the con is attached to the bed but even if I stick my hand through the cot's bars she doesn't want to stay by her self.. in that case, she will sleep with me in the bed. Co sleeping isn't that bad, I mean, if that means that you can reast and have some sleep, is fine, as mums we need to reast too, just a little.. xD I usually make sure she will not get extra hot, etc.. but.. it should be fine unless it has become a routine...

Try getting a comfort an rubbing your smell on it an let the baby cuddle it that's what I did with my little one an she sleeps all night an only Wakes up twice for a feed am change

Co-sleeping can be safe and has been recognised as such by the NHS. If you Google safe seven it explains and is very reassuring x

my sister has said.. and ive posted this on many regression posts. During the regression you have 2 options.. stick to your routine and battle through the exhaustion. Or throw the routine out.. and fix it once the regression is over. so in your case.. you may wish to cosleep but may find 4 months down the line your new thing you want to deal with is she won't sleep without you. i opted for the first one so far.. but remain flexible depending on how bad the night goes. but i would 100% advocate that you do what works for you and your household today and deal with any fallout at a later date. co sleeping can be safe between about 6am and 10am i co sleep, feed and play on and off until her first proper nap of the day and i LOVE that time.

To get us through the regression we bed shared. It was the only way we got sleep!

I agree with what Kelly said, the smell might be a big part as is the ‘colder’ surface of the cot mattress? I use a cellular blanket to cuddle my baby to sleep and then put her down with the blanket so she’s still warm. I’ve also been exclusively co-sleeping and the baby ends up taking half of your bed while my partner and I are scrunched on the other side, so it’s a funky arrangement 😉

Co sleeping can be safe. Follow Happy Cosleepers on fb. Lots of information on that about safety and sleeping in the C curl position.

We co sleep and have since he was about 2 months as he quickly became an unsettled sleeper and for us, sleep is more important than the battle. They are still so little at this stage that sometimes they need that extra comfort. Co sleep is safe if you make sure you do it safely. Look up the Safe Sleep 7 as a start point. I’ll be honest, I’m much more relaxed with him being so close to me overnight, I sleep better and part of me doesn’t particularly want to put him back in his next to me 🤣 hubby and I agreed that we are going to wait until the regression appears to have passed before we start to move him back into his own space. That’s the best decision for us x

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