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Hi guys! Do you mind sharing your babies height and weight at 11 months? My son has been measuring on the 5th and 3rd percentile and it’s been killing me inside. I feel like I’m failing him. Doctors only say it’s nothing of concern as of now but he was also born with other health issues and I can’t help but worry all the time…
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My lo is 15 lbs& 26.5 inches long. Her original dr wasn't too worried about her weight but once I changed drs he was really worried.

I don't know where my son is at now, but at his 9 month appointment he was in the 7th percentile for height and 38th for weight.

@Cassidy sounds very similar to mine he’s been on the 5th and 3rd for height. I guess I only freak out more bc of his other health issues.

@Leneshia i’m thinking about switching doctors

@Kristy thank you for sharing he’s adorable ❤️

@Lucia Ty for sharing cute little guy in his suit ❤️

My son has been lower in both as well. My pediatrician and lactation consultant both said as long as the percentiles aren’t numbers too far away from each other they’re totally fine! But I do understand the weight stress, we struggled so much. You’re absolutely not failing him at all ❤️

@rebeca I wouldn't recommend. I switched and now they have her seeing all types of specialist

I would only be concerned if the percentile is dropping. Since he has been measuring that way it just means he’s small, if he suddenly jumped way up or dropped down to 1% or not on the chart then I would be worried. But since he is following a consistent curve I wouldn’t be concerned. My lo is also small but the dr are not concerned as they aren’t seeing drastic fluctuations.

I can’t remember percentiles, but last measurements were 22.5 lbs and I think like 23 inches height.

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